No matter if you need hardware or software, the Accordata GmbH provides you solutions of every kind.


You want circuit board layouts or prototypes? You need a network that ensures your staff easy and quick access to all the files needed? You need a limited access network that allows only those employees involved in a certain case to open relevant files? Our efficient hardware department designs and produces the adequate hardware solutions for your company.


Our software department develops and programmes individual system- or user-software for your company. We also adapt the existing software to your wishes and needs so that a trouble-free workflow is guaranteed, now and in the future.
As you know, time is money.
We use our know-how and only the most recent software development tools and architectures such as OOP (Object orientated programming), DDE (Dynamic data exchange), OLE (Object linking and embedding), Active X and the most recent automation server.

From the very beginning our programming is carried out respecting compatibility issues. Thus our programmes work on 16-bit-platforms (Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2) as well as on 32-bit-platforms (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT).

Documentation and training

For the Accordata GmbH service does not only mean supply and installation of hard- and software solutions. We also give you the possibility to become familiar with the matter.

How to kontact us:

Branch office Aachen:
Tel. +49 241 9 20 96 20
Fax +49 241 9 20 96 23

Branch office Berlin:
Tel. +49 30 440 579 06
Fax +49 30 440 579 07

Head office Munich:
Tel. +49 89 834 834 1
Fax +49 89 834 834 5

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