Price list (Jan 1999)

Your Internet presence has single and monthly costs. Monthly costs arise from:

One e-mail account belongs to your webpage, i.e. all the mails to are saved in an electronic post box. Your private mails can be transferred to any existing e-mail accounts, for example If you want serparate post boxes for different departments, you need supplementary e-mail accounts.

Our monthly webspace prices:

service net price DM gross price DM net price EU gross price EU
webspace 10 MB 45,00 DM 52,20 DM 23,01 EU 26,69 EU
webspace 20 MB 85,00 DM 98,60 DM 43,46 EU 50,41 EU
additional 10 MB 30,00 DM 34,80 DM 15,39 EU 17,79 EU
subdomain under
free of charge free of charge free of charge free of charge
domain registration ".de"* 7,33 DM 8,50 DM 3,75 EU 4,36 EU
domain registration ".com" ".net" oder ".org" 7,08 DM * 8,21 DM * 3,62 EU * 4,20 EU *
e-mail redirection free of charge free of charge free of charge free of charge
additional e-mail accounts 3,00 DM each 3,48 DM each 1,53 EU each 1,78 EU each
e-mail account (without webspace) at or other domains of us 5,00 DM 5,80 DM 2,56 EU 2,97 EU
SSL server** free of charge free of charge free of charge free of charge
FAX redirection
(monthly 5 FAX free)
0,196 DM/Unit 0,227 DM/Unit 0,100 EU/Unit 0,116 EU/Unit

*Price reduction! Since 1st september ī98: 8,50 DM instead of 17,40 DM!

** The registration fee for the domain registration ".com", ".net", ".org" amounts to 170,- DM net (197,20 DM gross) for the first two years; 85,-DM net (98,60 DM gross) for any further year.

*** SSL (secure socket layer) server enables authentication and encode data transfer (useful for credit card information)

Permanent Internet connection

installation 64 kbit access 150 DM
supply 64 kbit access 100 DM monthy, plus 0,20 Pf per MB
installation 2 MBit access 500 DM
supply 2 MBit access 300 DM monthly, plus 0,15 Pf per MB >
These prices donīt include VAT. They donīt include costs for the permanent Telekom connection which amount to 172,80 DM for region 1 and 406,08 DM for region 2 at the moment.

Design and setting-up of your webpage:

The single costs arise primarily from the design of your webpages. These costs depend on the work and time needed for the desired layout. Thus no exact prices can be given yet. You decide whether our graphic designers do the complete layout of your webpage or whether they assist you by converting your prepared texts, graphs and logos. But if you like to, you can do the complete design of your webpages on your own.