Paper is an old hat...

...we get you onto the Internet
The Internet is a constantly growing medium of information. It is becoming the electronic warehouse of the future. Purchase, sales, banking and all kinds of services are more and more carried out via Internet.

In contrary to conventional printmedia, the Internet is more flexible. Without having to wait for the postman or the printer you are much closer to your clients.

Your clients can always view your updated pages without delay. You are able to

Need more input!

In a printed catalogue it is hard to describe all the relevant details of an offer. Via Internet you can provide your clients complete information without confusing them. One mouseclick and a little picture (thumbnail) of one of your products will turn into a convincing photo of 32bit true colour. One more click and your client gets all the technical details of your offer.

Do you send fax-mailings?

If you do, then the Internet mailing-lists may interest you. A programme on our mail server administers your mailing-lists and forwards your mail to the addressees listed. Your clients can join your mailing-lists via e-mail to the administration programme and within a few minutes the addressees get the information.

Online ordering systems, E-commerce

The product range varies from simple order systems via e-mail up to fully automatic systems including stock accounting and automatic forwarding of the order to the packaging and accounting department. We help you select and install the adequate system for your company.
New since 17th July 98! Visit our demo-version for an online ordering system!

Your Internet presence

Internet presence increases your profits even if you are, for example, a service company that does not sell products. Millions of Internet users and potential clients worldwide can get information about your company, your services and news 24 hours a day. If you register your address with serach machines, your webpages can easily be found. You can also make reference to your webpage in print media, on your visiting cards and letters.

Do you advertise?

Then you should use the Internet to support your advertising. A reference to "" in your newspaper advertisement or on your flyers gives your clients the possibility to get further information - immediately.

How do I get onto the Internet?

You want to present your company over the Internet? You intend to present detailed information about your product range to a large number of clients?You want your products to be purchased via World Wide Web? Or you just do not want to leave the field to your competitors anymore?

Then we are the right partner to attain your goals!